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Key Features
  • Size: 38D*76.5Hcm/ 12''*30''. Inner size: 34D*67Hcm/ 13.5"*26.5".Stainless steel construction provide great durability.The high-capacity PP is tightly combine with that inner barrel and the barrel body ,effectively prevent that penetration of garbage
  • Equiped with an inner bucket for easily take out the trash. Designed to keep liner bags hidden from view.It is good for indoor and outdoor environments
  • The swing lid opens easily with a slight push, and then gently swings back into place.
  • The bottom of the metal barrel is replaced by the bottom of the plastic barrel, thereby effectively avoiding the rust phenomenon of the second-round exam.A Must Have for the Elegant Office or Home, Ideal for Condos, Hotels etc.
  • 16Gallon/ 61Liter Luxurious Stainless Steel Trash Can Garbage Bin with Swing Cover (silver)

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    • Product Code: GPX-110E
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    Our trash receptacles with Stainless Steel Ash Urn molded into top of the receptacle lid are functional while adding beauty to your "first impression" areas.<br> Instructions:<br> Step1: slip waste bag over inner bucket<br> Step2: ribs hold bag in place<br> Step3: place exterior over inner bucket<br> Step4: secured and hidden waste bag<br>

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