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Key Features
  • Size: 22.5D*26.5Hcm/8.8*10.4''. Perfect for small spaces such as under a desk or room corner
  • The Removable exterior hides messy bag making the trash can looks neat.Designed to keep liner bags hidden from view.
  • Strong constructed metal with adorable leather-look finish
  • Must have for office or home, ideal for condos, hotels etc.
  • Decorate home or office by its modern design.
  • 6 pack-Round Shape Faux Leather Metal Trash Can Garbage Bin- 8liter/2gallon

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    • Product Code: GPX-45-BL
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    Our trash receptacles with Stainless Steel ring and adorable leather-look while adding beauty to your "first impression" areas.
    Step1: slip waste bag over inner bucket
    Step2: ribs hold bag in place
    Step3: place exterior over inner bucket
    Step4: secured and hidden waste bag

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    package quantity 6
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