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Key Features
  • Each case includes 500 sets,per set includes 1 toothbrush and 6 grams toothpaste.
  • Perfect for use in hotels, travel, airline, home, sanitary and so on.
  • Toothbrush handle material: ABS Plastic, recyclable
  • Great bristle feel for a complete and comfortable brush.
  • PACKAGE---Individually wrapped package keeps clean and also very convenient to use and easy store.
  • Toothbursh with Toothpaste Kit, 100/Pack

    Unit Price: 0.34
    In the hospitality industry, the little things can go a long way. That's why we carry quality soap bars and assorted toiletries-they're the kinds of simple items that help enjoy your stay in comfort.

    Like this brand name, "TRAVELWELL"
    We are always with the guest experience in mind, we orchestrate positive customer outcomes.

    We consistently deliver on our promises. Helping customers get the right products at the right price.

    We are always adapting to the evolving needs of customers.
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    package quantity 100
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